April 10, 2012

Hiro Kone

A stranger sent a record to my office last week. It had a gray drawing of a sculpted head on the front and on the back it said Hiro Kone. I dropped the needle onto side one and the needle hopped because the record was warped. But I pressed down against the middle of it, tried to squeeze it against the platter, and that worked. I listened to the whole first side. It seemed right for that time of day. I felt very tired after having been at work for many hours and the music felt slow and spaced out, droning, but still bright with synth, and with a very sad man singing sadly. A few minutes into side two I decided that the vocals were not right, switched the turntable to 45, and the singer became female and quite lovely. The beat quickened and grew more compelling, but mellow just the same. I liked it this way, too, and I can't stand to hear it at the wrong speed anymore, but this changed the time for optimal listening to this EP to sometime in the late 90s, when I was single and I was finally coming home after a long night at some art thing, and after the bar after that, and preferably not alone. 

MP3: Hiro Kone - Knives
You can stream the whole thing on Hiro Kone's myspace or you can listen to it by ordering it on vinyl from info [at] bitterroots [dot] com.

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