April 30, 2012

Hobo Cop

If you don't know him from his imprint Orange Milk Records, you might remember writer and musician Keith Rankin's truly "visionary" experimental synth project Giant Claw from our 2011 favorite's list where we recommended his tape Tunnel Mind on Digitalis Recordings. Few have kept their focus as well as Rankin. He's a stalwart. With his latest he approaches nearly a dozen releases on various formats under the name, a dizzying output that began in 2010 and has been a pleasure to watch. Haunted Planet seems to draw more on his early work than Tunnel Mind; there's less suggestion of "synthscapes" (à la the dramatic washes that underpin his captivating Mortal Earth/Morbid Earth cassette on Retrograde Tapes) and more of conscious drama and emotional narrative, muddled occasionally by a scattering of dense maximalist swells into synthesized orchestral jumbles. In a similar vein, I can't say enough how well suited that cover art is to these songs and how expressive it is of Rankin's shift since Tunnel Mind which, although its cassette edition had multiple handmade covers, was mostly represented for promotional purposes by a brooding dark blue collage, crowned by a snow-capped mountain (see here for further context).

Stream: Giant Claw - Hobo Cop
Haunted Planet is available on 12" vinyl in a limited edition from French label Wool Recordings, who were a groovy outfit to discover in their own right. Peruse their catalog if you've got a second. Finally, if you want to find out some more about Keith, Brad Rose, who released Tunnel Mind, did an excellent interview with him over at Foxy Digitalis; check it out here.


  1. Hey, you know Giant Claw released a new tape recently on Bridgetown Records. It's quite excellent, if you haven't listened to it yet.

  2. Haha, everything Keith does is amazing. Few people earn their prolificness as well as he.