April 2, 2012

I Sleep With Their Bones

Eric Paul's cassette of spoken word recordings could be documented in so many ways... really, this post could be as simple as a replication of the tracklist. Tracks 12-14 on the A-Side seem to form a cycle:
12. Writer's Cock Pt. I
13. Writer's Cock Pt. II
14. Writer's Cock Pt. III
 "My Runny Nose Killed My Girlfriend and My Cat", track 9 on the B-Side, is another memorable title. Some tracks are taken from Paul's book of poetry I Offered Myself as the Sea, whose unexpected mysteries can be almost penetrated via the eponymous track below, but Bathetic isn't revealing too much about their first "literary" release. The poems of Eric Paul, a co-founder of pioneering noise rock bands Arab on Radar and the Chinese Stars, are often graphic and twisted, with the engaging clarity of his reading charging each poem with its own weird tension - Bathetic hasn't previewed track 3 from the B-Side, titled "Edmund Kemper and I", but in lieu of the Kemper reference I assume that it's probably a good example of where the effect will be most felt. "I Offered Myself As The Sea" and "I Have Nothing Left To Love Her With" are equally but differently effecting. As memories they seem to animate the tape's title I Sleep With Their Bones, whatever flesh might have held them - human meat, the changing of places, or the coming and going of life's humiliations and devotions.

Eric Paul - I Offered Myself As The Sea
Eric Paul - I Have Nothing Left To Love Her With
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