April 27, 2012

Kiss This (Vol. 0)

Following hot on the release of Kiss This volumes 1, 2, and 3, San Diego producer Jeff Tuyay, aka Miró Belle aka the producer with the smudged face album covers (as the rest of the covers in the series evince) is offering the final installment in the series, Vol. 0, on Bad Panda Records. Jeff explains the name, describing these songs, some outtakes and a few new tunes, as too different to fit with the previous series releases; "These songs are more loopy than choppy. I like trilogies/triptychs and only wanted to count up 3". Before his explanation, I was inclined to think the ambiguous a-fourth-installment-named-zero thing has to do with the conceptual supremacy of the samples that make up Vol. 0. The whole repertoire of samples sound like they were lifted from 70s-era British spoof films, like One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing (of cherished childhood memory), that was appropriately billed as a "funky fossil frolic", which actually describes Miró Belle's latest pretty handily.

Download Kiss This (Vol. 0), and all the rest, over yonder at Jeff's bandcamp.

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