April 10, 2012

Love Distance/Glow Fam

Last April, following a solid collaboration album with U.K. producer Star Slinger, ambient electronic producer Sean Bowie, aka Teams, released DXYS XFF; a thumping 10-track effort that showcased his many talents as a beatmaker: imaginative sampling, thick convex drums, and zoned-out wave rave melodies; songs far more chewy and realized then anything else birthed out of the #seapunk set he was initially pigeonholed in. The last year has seen Bowie quiet (besides an odd remix for Pictureplane's Dimensional Rip 7: Thee Physical Remixes compilation) and yet his upcoming split release Love Distance/Glow Fam on White Iris stands as proof that the one-year interim has been a productive one.

"Love Distance" is stylistically a classic Teams jam. A call-and-response groove starts subdued and builds to spacious, earbud-filling proportions, aided by satisfyingly hooky percussion and sunny funk samples. "Glow Fam" leans more experimental; the track starts with cereal-crunch ephemera and wastes no time building an intricately layered apparatus of skittering glitch-fi electronics and tweaked-out drum hits over spacey 90's mali rave synths. With Love Distance/Glow Fam, Sean Bowie continues to bring a trained ear to the peculiar kind of vibes he offers, demonstrating that raw production chops and a sense of what vintage musical elements kick in modern electronic music can and will produce charitable results; his productions beg to be heard on a larger scale. Teams as a project is transcending its former associations and flying above many of its former contemporaries who are rightfully marginalized by a Tumblr joke.

Stream: Teams - Love Distance/Glow Fam Love Distance/Glow Fam will be released on April 28, 2012 via White Iris.

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