April 4, 2012


My favorite jangly guitar all star Waylon Thornton dropped a new EP last week. I picked it up and tried to return it, but he said it would be better off with me. I'll admit, I've not lost Baladora even once since then; but how does one lose something permanently stuck in their head anyway? If you're already in love with Thornton's southern-garage badassery then it should come as no surprise that the six-track EP just barely crosses the 10-minute mark. With such frantically energetic guitar chords pounding away, maybe it's best to keep things short and sweet; but I'm already looking forward to Thornton's next release.

Waylon Thornton - Baladora
Waylon Thornton - Come On Down
You can snag the Baladora EP in full at the WTHH bandcamp.

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