April 12, 2012

Nothing Less

The first time I saw "Log Lady", aka Twin Peaks resident Margaret Lanterman, dispensing spiritual and practical guidance  conducted from the mind of her cherished log, I about peed myself. So, I am - you see - understandably glad to have been put in touch with Loglady Records, a fairly young imprint from Oakland's erstwhile rival, the perennial underdog of the two Bay Area titans: San Francisco. Their latest is the self-titled debut from fellow locals Moonbell, who honed their hea(d/v)y shoegaze over a couple of EPs this past year. "Nothing Less" captures that manifesto well and easily equals the production quality of their past efforts, recorded in John Vanderslice's own SF studio Tiny Telephone, with a pristine wall of feedback playing backdrop to catchy, persistent drums and the distant ring of an ongoing shred.

Stream/Download: Moonbell - Nothing Less
 Preorder Moonbell's self-titled LP from Loglady.

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