April 27, 2012

Oh Be Joyful

Steel guitarist Daniel Bachman used to go by Sacred Harp and I remember that name making me very happy very consistently, referencing as it does the southern tradition of sacred choral music, originated in 18th century England and then fostered throughout the south for more than a century. My dad's always telling me about how his ex-wife's uncle made dozens of field recordings of sacred harp singers throughout Alabama and the Deep South, and with ire, how his family destroyed them when he died. Under that name, Daniel released a tape titled Feast of Green Corn with Mirror Universe Tapes. There are even a few copies left here. For the moment though, Daniel is focusing on music under his own name, releasing his new LP Oh Be Joyful on One Kind Favor, a seven song album and the first half of a double album, preserving on vinyl some instances of his incredibly facile playing; guitar ragas, ala Robbie Basho. Not to make a big thing about age, but the depth and drama of the traditional music he transmits is incredible to imagine for any fellow traveler, old or young, and to imagine Bachman's songs being played conjures up thoughts of a darkened fugue state, made drunkenly meditative by his engrossing songwriting.

Order Oh Be Joyful here.

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