April 13, 2012

The Overland Shark Catalog

Last night, I set free Overland Shark.

Like everything, it was a blog first. So named in response to the KC suburb I'd just moved to, Overland Park, in Kansas (2010). Not so much a music label but distributor of semi-interesting (albeit original) cat photos and clumsy rips of Dirty Mind and Milestone-era Azymuth.  My growing awareness of cassette culture made the label-fantasy more tangible, and the switch to imprint began with field research online and off (where does one get things dubbed pro?). I felt peerless in my music-appreciation of close friends Brandon Knocke (Discoverer, Parts of Speech, Charlie Song), Adam Tramposh (Polymer Slug, American Landscape Portrait), and Casey Burge (solo artist and Minden bandleader), and designed the label with this in mind. Connecting them with an audience was the goal; the gift I received was feeling myself connected to a global music-listening community and with participants like the editors of this magazine/blog, and Brad Rose, who released his Charlatan album Voyagers on Overland Shark in June 2011. 

I've since moved out of Kansas and into Missouri. While I have a strange confidence that I'll curate another label someday, I feel positive about resolving Overland Shark this year, and doing what I can to support music in other areas (such as this place).

The ten releases in the catalog are bandcamped and set to free download.

While writing this, my roommate texted me a photo of my cat. Might as well close the loop:

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