April 28, 2012

Pale Glistens

Mr. Luke Donovan, aka Spectral Park, has done it again. While he's been enjoying his new role as a dad and mixing a batch of fresh tracks (which he'll hopefully drop on us soon), he released this new, freewheelin' single called "Pale Glistens". If a song can sound like an article of clothing, this track would definitely be a sweet paisley print shirt. Theatrical, sunny, and upbeat, it's also not without some weird psychedelic twinges around the edges -- roll out the shag carpet and light up that roach you've been saving. This one'll grow on you.

MP3: Spectral Park - Pale Glistens
Definitely check out Spectral Park's previous material -- which can be found right here, y'all. (Image by gifmovie.)

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