April 30, 2012

The Panabrite Horizon

There are no rules. This seems to be generally understood when it comes to music creation, though with varying philosophies and individual line-drawing; perhaps less considered is the same applicability to all practices surrounding music: art direction, context, format, or in the case of this post's angle, release patterns.

Each artist is an island of case-by-case bases; one man's over-saturation limit is another man's stride. For some acts, a dozen releases in as many months is too much, and the art suffers. For others, like Seattle's Norm Chambers, each installment is strengthened by its proximity to the others. I like to imagine that Panabrite isn't an alias for the man Norm Chambers, but rather a music library subscription service, issued monthly and geared towards video production houses of ambiguous-chronology, specializing in documentary, animation, educational films, melodrama, and the avante garde.

I own enough Panabrite releases to constitute a measurable percentage of my music collection as a whole. I might wish under my breath for some musicians to slow down, but not Norm. Unable to choose just one upcoming tape or LP to anticipate, I've instead rounded the horizon up in one convenient blog entry.

Stream: Three songs from Blue Grotto
Upcoming cassette tape on Love All Day.

Stream: Illumination
LP reissue of cassette tape originally issued on Sic Sic. Coming soon on Under the Spire.
Stream: Seychelles
Self-titled release under the name Seychelles. Intended for cassette release on Field Studies, sometime in 2012. Currently available digitally via Bandcamp.
Video: Soft Mirage - Courtyards of Atlantis from Ionian Dream
Upcoming collaboration with Christian Richer (Élément Kuuda, The Haiduks, Cavernes). Available now on cassette via Kinnta Records.

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