April 20, 2012

PBUH032: Ghibli - Rare Pleasures

Ghibli is Thomas Michael, an Edmonton based producer whose love of house music was born in Eastern Europe where - the child of immigrants - he would spend summers with his grandparents. Being in an isolated region and of a sympathetic turn of mind, he became absorbed by European music television, etching the likes of Modjo's "Lady", Craig David's "Fill Me In", and Stardust's "Music Sounds Better With You" into his mind for the trip back to Canada. As he began making electronic music in his teens, the influence of that early European house re-emerged in his mind, receiving it's finest summation on his new album Rare Pleasures, a ten track opus built entirely of samples collected from youtube videos. Taking as his point of departure what he identifies as a lack of experimental sensibilities in the underground house scene, Michael blazes a trail of funky grooves and disparate more or less fully explored cultural references across the full breadth of his youtube cullings. We couldn't be more excited to offer it up on our imprint Crash Symbols.

MP3: Ghibli - Róisín and Aoife
Pre-order the limited edition cassette and download the album for free here.

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