April 27, 2012

The Race Is On

I've been really enjoying this ultra-dreamy track from L.A. electro-pop quartet Blacks& (or "Blacksand", for all of you out there with ampersand aversion). The track, "The Race Is On", comes from their debut EP, A Ghost That Follows Me, which was self-released online earlier this month. While somewhat reminiscent of Vampire Weekend, Blacks& is a tad more suave and romantic; they have a pronounced golden hue throughout their music that lingers like warm, tropical moisture in the air. The track is relatively long, clocking in at almost 5 minutes, and within that timeframe it evolves from a woozy, danceable gem into a slower, chocolatey-smooth jam that ends with the cheeky lyrics "You run to me / I run from you / baby girl, it's the least that I could do". We here at the extravagant Decoder headquarters are very interested to see what these guys do next.

MP3: Blacks& - The Race Is On
Pay whatchu want for the whole EP right over here. I'm pretty sure each download comes with a free tiny paper umbrella.

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