April 2, 2012


Here's some thick gruel from Logan Hardware in Chicago. All I could find on the Internet about them was this: "New Band from Plastic Crimewave frontman Steve Krakow!" Plastic Crimewave appears to be something I have to read a lot about before I know what it is. As for the record, it's heavy on the organ, at least at first, and then it's heavy on the everything. The organ? Sort of a blend of Ray Manzarek, Wooden Shjips, and the guy who stumbles down my street every morning with a Colt 45 Blast Blueberry Pomegranate in his hand. All the other instruments are turned up to eleven, just below the Organ, which is cranked to twelve. You've got to put on your screechy-vocals earmuffs for this one. The white-on-black cover is appropriate. Late night listen, maybe?

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