April 17, 2012

Sick About You & I

Second H. Sam is the solo project of Italian musician Samuele Gottardello, and his latest EP, a self-titled 7", just came out on Portuguese label Shit Music For Shit People. Nested in a sleeve featuring gorgeous front and back artwork by the illustrious Mattia Lullini, the EP is four tracks long and seems to serve as a preview of great things to come from Second H. Sam. The opening track, "Cheri Cheri Maria", sounds like a weird Serge Gainsbourg number that's been dipped in a vat of country wine and laid out to dry in the hazy afternoon sun. It's followed by "Sick About You & I", which opens with a thick, heavy drumbeat and is carried along by Gottardello's deep, meandering vocals. On the b-side, "Mama Was Right" is a see-sawing indie-folk ditty topped with some charming bells, and "Prieto Spring" slows things down a bit with dark, bluesy guitar that's been wrapped in reverb. A lovely batch of songs, the four tracks are diverse enough for each one to stand out on its own, while remaining connected by a continuous, complementary thread.

MP3: Second H. Sam - Sick About You & I
You can stream a couple of the tracks here, buy the digital version via iTunes, or grab a copy of the 7" vinyl here.

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