April 19, 2012

Thus My Panther

Damn. See how saturated and vivid that artwork is up there? That's pretty much how Pittsburgh rockers Dazzletine sound on their debut album, Heart, Mind, Bodies. My loving husband forwarded me their nice email because he knows of my large affinity for anything T. Rex-inspired, and I definitely wasn't disappointed -- these five guys wear eyeliner, lipstick, boots, and beads while they crank out cherry-sour psych rock that'll leave your fillings rattling. Only seven tracks long, the debut doesn't come off as cheap or derivative as one might imagine; the songs range from thick, hairy jam outs to the occasional tasteful glam ballad. My favorite track so far, "Thus My Panther", leads you in with drums before the hail of crunchy-as-fuck guitar and bass come in. The howling vocals match the sonic maelstrom perfectly, and the song chugs quickly along like a psychedelic, brightly-colored train from Saturn. Grab yr glitter and some weed and give this album a spin as soon as you can.

MP3: Dazzletine - Thus My Panther
Download the whole shebang for free right hair!

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