April 29, 2012

Video: Death Songs - Let This Body Go

Death Songs is the solo project of Nick Delffs from Portland's the Shaky Hands. Though they've put a few years between themselves and their last release following some line-up changes, according to their label, Holocene, work continues on a new one. They were a college favorite and though it's been a while since I've heard any new material, it was exciting to hear about Delffs' new project. By and large, his new stuff seems to be an even more upbeat and idiosyncratic experience than his past; lyrically Death Songs is covering similar ground, or at least different ground in similar ways, but divested of a full band Delffs' songs quickly become populated by a menagerie of claps, other body-made percussions, and a varied but bluesy flavor of string accompaniment. The video above was filmed in Boise, ID and seems to exemplify Delff and his band's reputation as Northwestern gentleman, with him being pulled across the unique landscape by a friend in an aviator hat, treating some occasional strangers to a goofier morale boost than they might have otherwise expected from the uncommon sight. It ends in a montage of roadside dancing, scenes of their various travel methods, and bummed rides.

"Let This Body Go" comes from Delff's self-titled Death Songs EP, available from his label Post-Consumer on 10" vinyl via their bandcamp

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