April 10, 2012

Video Premiere: Pop Winds - Sunlight

Not so fresh from their break up over the summer of 2011, Pop Winds is remembered as a favorite staple of Montreal's experimental pop community, touring widely for several years before recording a final album, called Earth to Friend, and then dispersing - we were fortunate enough to spend several months with one third of the band, Devon Welsh, aka Majical Cloudz, during a several month hiatus from Canada in Oakland, CA. Montreal's Arbutus Records was kind enough to give us the jump on a new video for "Sunlight", their final album's visually evocative third track given a psychedelic video accompaniment featuring the band in all their glory, including a poignant few moments where Austin Milne nails it on the saxophone. Although it was said specifically of Welsh's solo work, the sense of "a surprisingly pastoral post-burn-out too-soon-for-whiskey-but-too-late-for-breakfast introduction to the universe" that Weird Canada pointed out in 2010 is a persistent theme; the middle ground that only the profoundly aware can safely tread. I should say though these tracks are far more dramatic than Welsh's solo work, beautifully produced and tailored to create a confident, big sound. You guys are going to love the album.

You can order Earth to Friend on tape from Arbutus by contacting orders@arbutusrecords.com or digitally via itunes. Check out the packaging after the jump.

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