April 13, 2012

Video: Wildarms Santana - Problems Start

"Problems Start" comes from Brooklyn producer Wildarms Santana's upcoming EP loosely themed around Friday Night Lights (classified by Netflix as "emotional, gritty"), which he's just begun in anticipation of a productive summer yielding a fall release. Not being particularly versed in sports dramas I don't necessarily know how to relate it to the song outside of the more conceptually unifying framework that the final EP might offer, ie, visible concept progressions in the tracklist, etc, but his accompanying home-assembled montage of scenes from the show gives the impression that the juxtaposition is significant; vocals from the show remain, faded into the background and it begins to seem that Wildarms is bridging the two media. "Problems Start" is nonetheless a fairly bright, uptempo track, as much suited to MarioKart's island races as the bathroom hijinks and on-field action of the video. Ultimately the play of synths and samples over the muted voices of the "high school football team from a fictional town called Dillon" becomes surreal, like the weirdly unsettling sense of detachment that pervaded the few episodes of the show I've seen.

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