April 24, 2012

Wherever, Boy

Earlier today Gorilla vs Bear premiered this absolutely stellar new track from LA Vampires & Octo Octa. This dancefloor banger touches on all the right notes and begs the body to move as the music grows more intense; leaving listeners practically begging for more. Fortunately it looks like more is just around the corner, with a collaborative 12" EP titled FREEDOM 2K coming in three weeks on Not Not Fun imprint 100% Silk. I'm hoping the EP tag means at least four tracks because I can never get enough of LA Vampires mix of '80s pop nostalgia with unabashed weirdness, and Octo Octa's wonderful production compliments it perfectly.

MP3: LA Vampires x Octo Octa - Wherever, Boy
The FREEDOM 2K 12" EP drops May 15 via 100% Silk.

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