May 4, 2012

Altered Gee

If you missed out on Altered Gee's debut cassette European Gee's, you're not alone. The dude at L'Animaux Tryst says they sold out pretty much the second they went on sale. Now you have another chance. The Portland, Maine duo has released a single into the SoundCloud, and they've got a new record coming out this summer. I dropped a note to Matt LaJoie, the aforementioned dude at LT, to ask what's up with it. He described their first release as a collection of tunes "ride that line between suave Euro electro-futurism and dank, dirty, post-Zapp R&B boogie and G-funk, all stretched out, heavy-lidded and dazed." Here's what he had to say about the upcoming:
I'm not able to reveal much about the Altered Gee record just yet... I don't have the final master yet and the artwork is being finalized. The record will be called "Rise From Yr Grave" and was recorded (like their debut cassette - the fastest-selling L'animaux cassette to date) entirely analog, mostly on 8-track reel-to-reel with analog synths and drum machines. Young Prince aka Key Jr. Dee Jay has been walking around town with a tape of the album blasting from a small boombox for the past few weeks, usually setting it down in front of Strange Maine for a few hours at a time while spontaneous break-dancing circles crop up. It's the only way I've heard the album so far! We're doing an LP edition of 250 with maybe a small cassette edition for all the low-riders and boomboxes. It will be out this summer.
In other words, enjoy the single and be patient.

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  1. UPDATE: Higher Quality Version available here:

    rly worth checking out as the quality is greatly superior.

    The album is finished being mixed and mastered. soonsoonsoon!