May 14, 2012

Animal Collective announce Centipede Hz; Honeycomb 7"

Last week Animal Collective dropped a new single titled "Honeycomb," b/w the stunning "Gotham." Danceable and hyperactive, the eclectic energy of "Honeycomb" is everything I've come to love about Animal Collective. The track comes across as a blending of their sounds throughout the years. For a group constantly switching things up, hearing a track that merges aspects of their career feels good. It's nice to be reminded of the quirks that caused me to fall in love with AnCo in the first place. "Gotham" is a lot slower paced, reflecting the gray tones of its artwork nicely in the pained strain of the vocal delivery and string arrangements the rise and fall constantly. With the recent release of Transverse Temporal Gyrus you'd think Animal Collective might disappear a moment yet before bringing us more, but just today their next full-length LP was announced. Centipede Hz is set to drop September 4th via Domino, and you can catch the trailer with track names in it below.

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