May 18, 2012

Astral Harassment

Based purely on the name of Norwegian producer Jørgen Sissyfus' new album Astral Harassment and his chosen moniker, Center of the Universe, you could easily get the wrong impression about his music. At least, words like "astral" and "universe" don't normally raise my Balkan and skwee flags, but it draws heavily on both, synthesizing Eastern and techno influences into what he calls "transcendental trance". It's a fair description, though I don't know his full output; apparently Astral Harassment is his fifteenth release. If it is representative, than Sissyfus seems particularly interested in refracting those influences through an overarching pop sensibility, in spite of 80% of the album originating in a stable of sounds and effects more often associated with dance music. Skwee, club, trance, house,etc. Suffice it to say, this is a pretty fun listen.

Astral Harassment is available for free download via Sissyfus' own collaborative imprint, Metronomicon Audio.

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