May 29, 2012

Beatsfromthesoul / A Cold Night In Osaka

A couple of months back Detroit producer Wyldlyf dropped a brief but stellar beat tape titled Beatsfromthesoul. Had he not accidentally messaged me on facebook last night, instead of whoever the message was originally for, I'd still not know. We talked music a little and as soon as he linked me to his beats I was in love. The way the tracks build and swell with their own life almost lends to an idea that the tape should've been called Beatswithsoul. Each track is around two minutes or less, so with only four tracks on board, Beatsfromthesoul will just be seeing numerous plays from me. Somehow that just doesn't seem like enough, though; does it? Fortunately only a month prior he dropped A Cold Night In Osaka. While it's essentially no longer, the beats are just as infectious and now we've doubled out listening time. Couple that with the killer non-album release snagged from his soundcloud and we're off to a great start in listening to a killer beatsmith.

MP3: Wyldlyf - Make It

Stream/Download: Wyldlyf - Beatsfromthesoul

Stream: Wyldlyf - A Cold Night In Osaka

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