May 3, 2012

Casey Burge on the Internet

[Photo: Forester Michael]
You're on the edge of something better...

On the Internet, in Portland.

Mustachioed song-visionary and my brother-for-Life-eternal Casey Burge left Kansas City with drummer Ryan Johnson last week, and arrived in the City of Roses (official nickname) on Monday. 1:20 AM text transmission: "Emergency message: Portland is danky." Trees, mountains, ocean? Premium dank.

The rest of his band - Minden - are moving there later in June. I suspect Burge will write a few hit singles in the meanwhile. I've a tendency to listen to his songs over-and-over; it's a Classic part of our dynamic. I convinced him to let me compile some of his newer demos and home recordings for this Decoder exclusive. Recorded solo, with borrowed instruments and drum loops, distilled down to fourteen minutes that will appeal to anyone that enjoys pop music at all, even just a little. Listen and download below. Portland readers: start a friendship with Casey; correspondence accepted at the accurate-handle

Stream: Casey Burge - On the Internet (2012 Demos)

More free music: Triumph (album), Dangerous (single), Gold Standard (Minden EP).

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