May 24, 2012

Close. to. you. duet

I've sang the praises of o F F Love quite a bit this year already, having become absolutely smitten with his debut LP Probably Love. Still, he continually puts out new material and I'm continually thrilled by it. He recently teamed with Butterclock to form Fantasy Music, a label/collective project that features both parties working together, though not yet as a single unit. They did come together over a stunning remix of sorts to Probably Love stand-out "Close To U, I'm Not" on Fantasy Music Mixtape #1, however. Butterclock has breathed extra energy into the track, charging up the beat and adding her own vocals to make the track more of a collaboration than anything else. The rest of the tape features some rare tracks from the two individual artists as well as another killer remix to "Close To U" from Holy Strays.

Stream: Fantasy Music - Close. to. you. duet
Order a copy of the limited edition cassette straight from the source.

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