May 29, 2012

Comic: Deus #1

Craig Howrie is a cartoonist "born and bred in the Canadian Prairie, where he remains to this day". When he's not working the ol' day job, he curates regular surrealist visual jaunts through the medium of his web comic, Cannibal Priest, so it's a particular honor for us to include him in the recent expansion we've been pulling off for Decoder. Beginning this week, expect weekly (hell yea) installments of his new comic Deus, exclusively at Decoder (though we aren't specifically trying to push the whole "branded content" kind of thing). Who knows where he'll go with this thing, but considering the impeccable layout, subject matter (sci-fi and music, oh my!), and that my wife and I got to make a cameo... well, that's probably not much enticement for you guys, but we were pretty flabbergasted. So, without further ado, the first comi-... oh, you've already seen the comic and decided to read this afterward? Case closed. Or... case open again. Maybe we can make these segments of text more about pithy synopsis. For example, "Looks like Deus broke out of captivity and we're getting some foreshadowing in a way that kind of references the focus of Decoder, ie, music. Interconnected layers of thematic influence, you ask? Damn straight. Craig could do no less." That'll do!

Normally, new comics will appear on Monday, so look for the next installment on June 4.

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