May 28, 2012

Contest: Zac Nelson - Sound a Sleep Sound

Zac Nelson's whimsical ambient masterpiece Sound a Sleep Sound was released last year in a notable series of vinyl offerings from Asheville, NC's Bathetic Records, letting it slide pleasantly under the radar, waiting for everyone to finally honor their BF's advice to get that "weird album with the swan heads and four nipples". Well, we got it alright; in time for it to be one of our faves in 2011. Now, we've come by a spare copy and want to give it away. So, go like Bathetic and Decoder on facebook (here and here, respectively) and comment on this post with your email address to enter. We'll pick a winner on Friday, June 1st and ship it off as soon as we get an address - your package will probably also include a miscellaneous smattering of other vinyl we've got on hand, so get ready to groove.

Stream: Zac Nelson - Sound a Sleep Sound Preview   
If contests aren't your style, get it from Experimedia or direct from Bathetic Records.



  1. righteously awesome.
    tubular, even.

  2. niceeeee


    That album art, whoah

  4. bytcccch

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