May 10, 2012

Peace Bombbbzz

"Peace Bombbbzz" begins in cacophony, arranged in post like the courageously floral press photo above, a pattern in front of a pattern. Once again, the sally-forths of a Kansas City home recording enthusiast embed in the Decoder netscape. Continents is Jim Button, visual artist and drummer for openly-psychedelic and similarly-prefixed The Conquerors. This track, orphaned and upped yesterday, makes sense (to my ears) in the context of the Continentalog (Land of Plenty, Spiritng, Instant Life), the sum of which has been long characterized by a unique pop-POV and keen groove-sense, though always moving towards the abstract, the hallucinatory, a kind of continental drift. Artist's advisory: "drop a peace bomb, man."

Stream: Continents - Peace Bombbbzz

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