May 2, 2012

Dance Early

It's been some time since Judson Rogers' last release as Sumsun, and while he's filled the time with various one-offs and remixes, it's definitely exciting to hear Sumsun is dropping a new EP soon. Simply titled 2012 EP, it features four dreamy dance tracks that will warm your heart faster than the sun's rays in July (I've never understood weather geography too well, so maybe that's January for some of you. I mean when it's really hot out.) Put plain and simple, these are good mood songs for when you're already feeling great or when you need a subtle pick me up. The songs simply elevate the spirits from whatever level they're currently resting. Check out the conveniently named first peek, "Dance Early", to begin the pick-me-up.

MP3: Sumsun - Dance Early
There's no definitive date for the release of 2012 EP, but Judson assures it's just around the corner.

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