May 10, 2012


I usually drink my coffee black in the mornings, but in the evening I like to add a little cream to mellow things out. Last night I decided I now want to add Ladies Auxiliary to my coffee every day and drink in their smooth, soulful brand of lo-fi tunes. Casio keys decorate the tracks like stars glistening in the sky while guitars crunch away just beneath fuzzy but intelligible vocals on their sophomore record, On The Shadow. "Darryl" is a slow burner that ignites a small fire at the base of the heart. It's just enough to warm it without scorching a sentiment, no matter how deep you buried it. The album-opener, "Mysterious House" is a funky, friendly little number that aims to let you know exactly what you're in for. Good times and wide grins. This one is definitely better in the headphones, but it's blasting from my speakers now and I'm still smiling.

Ladies Auxiliary - Darryl
Ladies Auxiliary -Mysterious House
You can head over to bandcamp to grab a free download of On The Shadow, or purchase the physical for just $5.

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