May 2, 2012


We've been writing about Irish producer Lemonada for a while now, particularly his debut album Kelly Green Vol. 1 (released for free via his bandcamp) and the series of inventive remixes that have followed it; he even did a rework of fellow Irishman The Cyclist for our imprint Crash Symbols' first remixtape, Rending Brass. Having said that, I think if I'd known just how incredible the first original track he'd been working on since Kelly Green Vol. 1 was going to be, I'd have told him to start in on it sooner. Unsurprisingly, having gained confidence since Vol. 1 and in order to steel himself for Vol. 2, which he's in the process of recording, this first preview turns up the weird several degrees with vocal samples bubbling across instrumentals that virtually beg to have someone rapping over them. 

Stream: Lemonada - Discounts.   
Listen to some more organized electro-noises on his soundcloud.

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