May 14, 2012


It's been more than three years since Matthewdavid unveiled his first "DISK Collection", a home-burned CDR containing "a 2008 collection of the post-psychedelic dynamic" - in short, DISK I was a beautifully decorate audio manifesto for his imprint Leaving Records, an internationally known collective responsible for some of the best music we've ever heard. Above, is the first instance of DISK II; though similarly looking to DISK I, Matthewdavid's latest is more immersive. Although it's just as "weird", based on the otherwise unnamed track #5, feat. Eola - that the label is currently circulating - the experience of DISK II sounds to be deliberately more immersive, and if the rest of the album is at all similar, this will be a truly engrossing production. On this track, a distant sounding whistle and gently tangled vocals accompany oscillations and ringing drone towards perfection, though it works as well for meditation or more casual listening. 

MP3: Matthewdavid - #5 (feat. Eola)
Get this insane beauty from Leaving.

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