May 14, 2012

Four Roses

A couple of years ago Tomas Kopacek released a handful of songs as Mon Insomnie that I, amongst others, deliciously lapped up. For the past year or so Kopacek has dealt with various issues life has thrown at him while putting aside his music. This week he has returned to us, however, as Black Tar Jesus. "Four Roses" is the first track to premiere from his upcoming EP. Gone are the chilled, blissful vibes of Mon Insomnie; replacing them with blazing guitars, subdued drum patterns and breathy vocals for a more psychedelic-garage swagger. While it's uncertain right now if the whole EP will sound this way, it's a refreshing change of pace for Kopacek and I'm eager to see where he goes with this new project.

MP3: Black Tar Jesus - Four Roses

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