May 31, 2012

Get It Off (JSHIH's Barcelona '92 Remix)

I don't consider myself too much a fan of remixes, but every now and then there's an artist that really pushes the idea of what a remix can be. JSHIH is one such homie, having started to craft a rather incredible collection of late '90s/early 2000s R&B remixes (i.e. his amazing rework of R. Kelly's "I Wish"). His takes do more than just apply a more dance-style step or some wobble to an already complete track. JSHIH breaks down the pieces and does something more along the lines of turning every bit into samples ready to be use before injecting his own flavor on top. The most recent in this line of remixes is the hyperactive Barcelona '92 remix to Monica's "Get It Off". I think JSHIH's take on the production would make original producer Missy Elliott glow with approval, and maybe this is just the breath of life Monica needs for her comeback.

MP3: Monica - Get It Off (JSHIH's Barcelona '92 Remix)

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