May 9, 2012

Give In (For The Fame)

Last week Kuhrye-oo dropped his debut EP via the homies at UNO. If you're unfamiliar with the producer then perhaps you'll recognize him as Calvin McElroy of Born Gold. If you still don't recognize him then you're new around here. McElroy's music as Kuhrye-oo has a much more subdued feel to it when compared to Cecil Frena's Born Gold compositions, allowing the two to remain separate but equally enjoyable. Ratchet-like snares pop over bubbling synth while more dreamy pads swell through the background. This isn't just fun music to dance to, it's fun music to dance with a lover to.

MP3: Kuhrye-oo - Give In (For The Fame)
You can pick up the full Kuhrye-oo EP on 12" vinyl now via UNO.

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