May 30, 2012

Hoarding Disorder

I recently fell in love with the tunes of Bristol-based dream-drone producer Ellen Davies, bka /please/. She describes her songs as "super angsty bedroom pop," and there's no denying the layers of angst and anxiety that seem to craft the tracks. The tricky thing is it doesn't come across as dark or angry, despite covering peers like Salem. Layers upon fuzzy layers build through the tracks creating a warmth that counteracts the downtrodden feeling of the performer. It's as if /please/ wants us to glimpse her thoughts, but also seeks to protect us from feeling the thoughts by burying them under luminescent sand. /please/ recently released a self-titled EP via Sewage Tapes. It's pretty short, so I'm gonna put some non-EP tracks from her soundcloud below, and you can pop over to bandcamp to listen to and download the EP for free.

/please/ - Hoarding Disorder
/please/ - Get Away  Getaway
/please/ - Skullcrush (Salem Cover)

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