May 24, 2012

I'll Adjust / ST()NE

Around the same time that Dwight, Liz and I first launched Crash Symbols, I had just stumbled on to a dark R&B act called Magic Fades that I was dying to release a tape with. I talked with them about it for a bit, but when they were ready we were just running into financial issues and things didn't pan out. The idea hasn't been re-conjured, but I still hold out hope we'll get to release with the duo. They recently dropped a split single with Veracom on Madrid-base net label Young Latitudes that has completely renewed my love for their churning syth work constantly bubbling behind heavy dance beats and soothing R&B vocals. Veracom's contribution is just as enjoyable, holding down a more ambient vibe' what you'd typically expect from the ghost of a failed technology corporation that was trapped in a keyboard.

Stream/Download: Magic Fades / Veracom split single

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