May 7, 2012

Introduction: Untitled Rose Column

Brad Rose has been a fixture for cassette and experimental music lovers for years. I've known about his various projects since I was a teenager, before I ever thought to write about or release music on my own. In that way, Brad became a sort of silent partner in countless projects that he's inspired through his conspicuous personal quality, the quality writing and reviews at his website Foxy Digitalis, and hundreds of releases on his imprint Digitalis Industries - the Digitalis media empire that he's built is a model of sustainability and positive values for anyone doing anything music related in the 21st century. 

Having said all that, we are truly honored to announce that Brad will be doing a regular column for Decoder. He's still working on a title, but we hope you'll help him out if the spirit moves you. As I write this, it is noon on Monday, May 7th. Look to the North (just above this post) for his first column in the next hour or so.

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