May 29, 2012

Kickin Out Windows

For the past five-or-so months I've been stuck on the pairing of Nacho Picasso's truly DGAF, say anything for a chuckle lyrical stylings and production duo Blue Sky Black Death's mix of futuristic synths and traptastic beats and samples. In September the trio dropped For The Glory, and then in January of this year they followed it up with Lord Of The Fly. Now the third in their series of mixtapes, Exalted, has finally arrived. Oh, and it delivers. Nacho's every word hangs on him essentially doing whatever he wants and truly not caring one bit what anyone thinks. He does such a good job of it that I've become enamored with his words time and time again. I often find myself saying rappers need more features on their albums, but Exalted has only one feature (Jeremy Cross on the chorus of "4th Of July") yet I never manage to get tired of it. Part of this is due to Nacho's infectious flow, but there's no denying that BSBD's production keeps it fresher than your fridge's crisper drawer. The duo have expanded on their sound  more with Exalted, creating something that feels just bit more tremendous than the previous two releases. The samples they choose help add some organic touches to their sci-fi synth patterns. The end result is something that impresses just as much as its predecessors and manages to go off just a little harder.

MP3: Nacho Picasso - Kickin Out Windows
Head over to bandcamp to stream the whole record and cop the digital for a mere $5.

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