May 31, 2012

Lifetime of Romance

[video by Melissa Cha]
Dylan Ettinger has always had a way of creating sonic offerings that somehow describe in full detail beautiful alien landscapes, set in galaxies far, far away. On Lifetime of Romance, however, his latest 12" release with Not Not Fun has gone far beyond just creating soundscapes. The album's opener, "Wintermute" is an absolute pop gem. It's so much more than anything we've ever come to expect from him, with him even singing a few lines at the beginning before letting it churn off into a thrillingly dark dance floor banger. Picture glitching androids twisting in loop mode on a glowing blue dance floor. And that's only the first track. From there we see Ettinger exploring his sound and instruments like never before, witnessing an intimate relationship blossom between the man and the machine. This is certainly his most fully realized release yet, leaving me just as excited for the next record as I was for this one. You can peep the video for the album opener above, and stream the closing track below. 

Stream: Dylan Ettinger - Blue and Blue Pick up a copy of Lifetime of Romance now via the fine folks at Not Not Fun.

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