May 6, 2012

Live: Woods

Woods stopped in Atlanta near the end of their spring tour. Aaron Neveu of Mmoss and Water Moccasins played drums for them, and G. Lucas Crane, who had been absent on their winter tour (Matt Valentine had taken his place), was along for the ride as well. The addition of a full-time drummer frees Jarvis Taveniere up to play guitar on every number, which is really his strength, and it beefs up their sound considerably. And what can you say about Crane? What other band has a genuine avant garde artist sitting in with them, playing a homemade console covered with effects pedals and two old elementary-school-style cassette players rigged up like a DJ's double turntable, singing into an old pair of headphones turned microphone?

They played a couple of new songs. The above video features the first one, a cozy ditty with a nice down-home gallop to it (and Kevin Morby playing harmonica). Below is a number with more of a hit-song feel:

I talked with Jeremy Earl before they took the stage. He told me they've been working hard on an LP that'll be out this fall. And Woodsist will release a new LP by the Babies that'll come out around the same time. Both bands are going to tour like crazy. I didn't think to ask how that'll work, with Morby in both bands.

They played a version of "Bend Beyond" that was acid rock at it's very best and most current. I caught the first three minutes and eight seconds of it on video, but then I had to shut off the goddamned Flip and just go with it.

But I did manage to catch the last 30 seconds:

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