May 31, 2012

Love Nest

The folks at Hands In The Dark recently teamed with NNA to drop a new jawn from Co La. Soft Power Memento continues a pattern of loop based drones that Co La has created, while also blending in a variety of new ingredients. Most notably is the bluesy horns that have been included. There are also some juked up moments to keep the Baltimore roots in tact. Our first peek at the record is the track "Love Nest", a song that somehow perfectly captures it's title. It's easy to envision champagne pouring slowly from the bottle, slowly filling the glass of an attractive woman eating take-out Chinese in a silk robe. It's easy to see a charming gentleman, all sharpened up in his finest blazer/turtleneck combo, attempting to work up the courage to so much as kiss her. Regardless of what you see, this is an easy one to fall in love with.

Stream: Co La - Love Nest
Soft Power Memento drops June 5; grab the tape via NNA or the CD via Hands In the Dark.

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