May 31, 2012


Though Lumens was "originally conceived as a project based around healing frequencies", their self-titled debut, the fourth release on newly founded Austin tape and vinyl imprint Holodeck Records, clearly took them elsewhere entirely - music that is ambient and generically comparable to the original concept, in some ways, but too hefty with the appearance of its own motive and meaning to be purely therapeutic. Even so, its persistent simple rhythm and the dry ringing of brass, which at times sounds so delicate as to be the result of gentle breathing through a horn, avoids the inevitable plunge into anxiety. The album's B-Side has an even more interesting complexion, with more varied instrumentation and a heavier dramatic reliance on the manipulation of specific tones, perhaps feeling a little bit more like a "healing frequency" or at least a range of frequencies abstract enough to attract unrestricted association. Either way, it's a beautiful tape with a more compositional orientation than I'd recently gotten used to with more free form ambient - a conceptual divergence that Holodeck's catalog to date and projected releases seem to underscore. 

Download the album for $2.99 at the Holodeck bandcamp or grab it on tape here. Check out some more Lumens at the band's soundcloud.

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