May 12, 2012

Mr. Wilson Metal Beach

If you've read Decoder very long, you might know that a song or album's suitability as accompaniment for MarioKart is a major touchstone for us; all that electronic music needs is to be bright and uptempo for it to register on the continuum. This is one of those. In spite of that, the experimental sensibility throughout  Afrika Pseudobruitismus' last album, Waikiki Kosmos, would probably make for a much more hypnotically weird experience of the game than you're used to. His pocket description: "4-track space Afrikan electronik trash, sometimes ukelele..." - the extravagant use of "k" is definitely part of what's appealing about this project. Whatever back story might exist for the guy has already been a source of speculation for others, including International Tapes writer Logan Young, who scoured the universe for info at great length. I like Young's phrase, "Africamus imbues folk art whimsy with the scuzz of cosmopolitan noise". Modulated synths, brightly colored and quickly moving sound collages, and a helpful dose of "cosmopolitan noise" is what you'll get with this enigmatic album.

MP3: Afrika Pseudobruitismus - Mr. Wilson Metal Beach
Waikiki Kosmos is available from Ailanthus Recordings, but you can check out more Afrika Pseudobrutismus on his soundcloud. There are also still some copies of his cassette Unicornios de la New Age left with Sunup Recordings here.

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