May 17, 2012


Tennessean duo GRIM (Anthoney Carter and Micah McGee) create experimental, bass-heavy music that's dark, but perhaps not quite as foreboding as their name and the album cover might suggest. The five-track album, 7Sins, was released digitally through Voodoo Village Recordings and on a 7" from Fat Sandwich Records. All of the tracks are slow-moving, long (the shortest is 5:57), and distinctly atmospheric, with deep waves of synth moving in and out, the occasional spatter of indistinguishable voices and samples, and spare beats that start and stop. I particularly like "Murk", an aptly named, drawn-out excursion through damp jungle vibes and spooky electronic machinery.

MP3: GRIM - Murk
You can download the EP for free here, and buy the 7" here if you like.

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