May 23, 2012

The Nablus Project

The Nablus Project, commissioned by Coco's OCD founder Coco Zoabi and International Tapes' Senior Editor Luke Carrell, is a set of twelve songs, each taking as its point of departure a very unique field recording. Here's all the poop:

During a recent film shoot in Nablus, French sound recordist Pierre Gauthier stayed one night in a house in the Nablus mountains above the city, where he recorded the old city mosque's Muezzin (the chosen person at a mosque who leads the call to prayer). The shape of the valley in which Nablus rests creates a massive composite reverb effect that gives his recitation an otherworldly feel as it booms out from the mosque in the city's center.
For the task, Zoabi and Carrell enlisted a star-studded ensemble that roves as widely in its extraction as experimental auteur Lee Noble and South American electronic pop composer Algodón Egipcio, yielding a varied crop but a consistent high quality; for some, the imam's voice is the primary reinterpretative unit, while others cultivate textures and dissonance until they become central. Whatever brings you to these recordings, the experience should be pretty unique.
Grab it for $4 on bandcamp.

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