May 5, 2012

New Job Blues

Whatever Forever Tapes recently released the first full-length album from Kansas City's Brock Potucek, aka South Bitch Diet. Whilst enjoying the self-titled album's 14 tracks (j'adore tapes that have a ton of songs on them), you get a good sense of how varied South Bitch Diet's music can be, though there is a continuous thread of musical simplicity throughout the album; another commonality are Potucek's idiosyncratic vocals that run the gamut from Lou Reed-esque to David Byrne-ish. The songs range from lo-fi, beat-driven, experimental tracks to garage-psych romps, and one of my favorites is "New Job Blues" - Potucek waxes about new job shittiness in the verse (while bass and art-rock guitar hop along in the background), before somewhat eerily crooning "breaking and entering", as if he's pondering the merits of stealing versus holding down a crappy job. 

Be sure to grab a copy of the $5 limited edition cassette (with sweet imprinting) from Whatever Forever before they're gone! You can also stream the whole album here if you like.

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