May 14, 2012

No Dreams/No Regrets

Almost everything about Scissoring is more appealing than their name; whether the packaging for the their third album, No Dreams/No Regrets - recently out on Copenhagen's Skrot Up Tapes - is any more or less is your call. The music is incredible and, and to be fair to the packaging, the typesetting is fab. The band is notable for other dualisms, which the tape's interior j-card summarizes...

Daniel Svizeny, Guitars & Drones
William Cody Watson, Textures & Tones

That pretty nicely replicates some of that righteous typesetting I mentioned. In any event, Daniel Svizeny normally goes by Cough Cool, while Watson records as Pink Priest and helps run Bathetic Records; if you know their past recordings very well, you might be saying "oh, watershed moment", right? Right. No Dreams/No Regrets is at once blistering in its tone and glacial in its progress, appropriately enough considering their separate oeuvre. Though the partners balance each other well, some of the tape's standout moments are glimmers of their respective backgrounds, particularly in the engrossing guitar loop and gravelly drone of its opener.

Stream: No Dreams (Excerpt)
No Dreams/No Regrets is available in an edition of 60 from Skrot Up Tapes.

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