May 15, 2012

Open Space Reserve

Lost Trail is Zachary Corsa and his wife Denny, who we know through a groovy music-sharing facebook group called Living Room Visions, which also functions as an informal collective of experimental musicians and adventurous weirdos. All in all, a good crowd. Corsa is an active ambient composer, synthesizing his songs out of what sound like found-sounds, field recordings, and a highly textural repertoire of loops and samples. Though most of his music seems to operate in the space of cavernous drones, "Open Space Reserve" is an instance of a more emotive strain in his music, laying a calming melody out on keys and surrounding it with a collage of noise and distant voices. Weirdly enough, his latest EP Intersecting Lines of Power has been released by two labels - as a standalone EP via Sunup Recordings and as a split, with Sunup founder Marcus Eads' project Native Prairie, on Corsa's own collaborative label Wood Thrush Tapes.

Buy it on cassette from Wood Thrush Tapes or Sunup Recordings.

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